Xinyu (Judy) Hu, Ph.D.

Organizational Development Consultant

Advanced Learning Partnerships, Inc.

Dr. Xinyu (Judy) Hu is an industrial-organizational psychologist. She currently works at Advanced Learning Partnerships as an organizational development consultant, helping school districts improve various elements in their organizational and talent development processes (such as strategic planning, workplace wellness, competency modeling, program evaluation). Prior to this role, she was an assistant professor of Psychology at Roger Williams University. Dr. Hu’s research focuses on how work and nonwork-related phenomena facilitate and hinder employee well-being (e.g., workplace telepressure, work recovery, work-family conflict). Her research has been published in major journal outlets, including Occupational Health Science, Applied Psychology: An International Review, and Journal of Service Research, and featured in popular media outlets, such as the SELF Magazine, Refinery29.  

Dr. Hu earned her Ph.D. and MA in Social-Industrial/ Organizational Psychology from Northern Illinois University. She received a BA degree in psychology and mathematical Statistics from Wake Forest University. 

Research Interests

Technology use and experiences in the workplace

work-nonwork interface and employee recovery

Cross-cultural issues in occupational health and well-being

Psychometrics and research methodology


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