Hu's Occupational Health Psychology Lab

Xinyu (Judy) Hu, Ph.D. | Roger Williams University

Welcome to the HOHP Lab (pronounced as "hope")! Here, you can learn more about occupational health psychology and current research projects led by Dr. Hu.

Key Research Themes

Technology Use and Experiences at Work

This line of my research aims to understand how the ubiquitous adoption of information and communication technology (ICT) for work has changed the ways of working and impacted worker well-being and behaviors.


ICT demands and resources, workplace telepressure, Zoom fatigue, work rumination


leisure, work-family balance, work breaks, psychological detachment, need satisfaction

Work-nonwork Interface and Recovery Experiences

My work in this area explore how workers can optimize their experiences in nonwork domains (e.g., family, leisure) to facilitate recovery experiences and enhance employee well-being.

Cross-Cultural Perspectives in OHP

Some of my recent projects takes on a cross-cultural perspective in examining important OHP issues. With my international back-ground, my ongoing work also studies job-search experiences of international students.


Cross-cultural research, individualism-collectivism, international students


measure validation, measurement invariance, dataset augmentation

Psychometrics and Research Methodology

I am interested in research that addresses issues in both psychometrics and research methodology, including measurement proliferation, measurement invariance, augmenting datasets.

Interested in Joining the Lab?

Are you interested in getting involved in research? If you are interested in organizational psychology, occupational health psychology, employee well-being, technology experiences, and/or learning more about data analyses, please consider joining the lab to work with Dr. Hu!

You may be able to conduct your own research project, help with an existing research project.

How to join? Feel free to email me if you have any questions. Email: